Why Is My Bite Still off After Five Crown Adjustments?

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Why is my bite still off after five crown adjustments? My dentist is ruining my three crowns as he grinds them down, trying to fix my bite. I’ve had hives on my arms and off since June because my anxiety and depression are so high. The inside of my mouth is burning and has a rash. I wonder if the dentist is shaving off material from the crowns and causing irritation in my mouth. How do I stop this cycle? My dentist is well-known, and I am so disappointed with the outcome of my treatment. Will I need new crowns? Thanks, Will from Georgia

Thank you for your question. We understand that your experience is frustrating and creating anxiety. Dr. Vargas would need to examine your teeth and crowns to identify the issue and resolution. Still, we will explain what can cause your bite to be off despite repeated adjustments.

Why Is Your Bite off After Repeated Crown Adjustments?

When your bite is off after crown repeated crown adjustments, it is probably because your dentist lacks understanding and training in the complexities of how teeth meet. We recommend finding a dentist in or near your town in Georgia with advanced training in occlusion and bite. Request a second opinion for your dental crowns.

What Is Causing Your Oral Rash After Crown Adjustments?

If you were allergic to your dental crowns, you would likely have reacted before the bite adjustments. Your stressful dental experience may have triggered the rash and burning sensation in your mouth. Although dental materials can cause burning mouth syndrome, so can depression. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, symptoms of burning mouth syndrome include:

  • Altered taste
  • Dry mouth
  • Mouth pain that feels like burning, scalding, or tingling
  • Sporadic numbness

We recommend scheduling an appointment right away to reduce stress and minimize the risk of jaw joint discomfort from your bite. We wish you a smooth resolution for your oral health concerns.