Dallas Emergency Dentist

If you have a dental emergency in Dallas, call the Dental Loft right away. Dr. Claudia Vargas will see you today during business hours to assess your situation and get you out of pain fast. Your immediate need will be addressed with the urgency it deserves, and before you leave, Dr. Vargas will recommend a treatment plan if additional visits are necessary.
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Dental Emergencies We Treat

Putting off necessary treatment can make your dental emergency worse. We urge you to call our office for a same-day appointment if you’re experiencing any of the following time-sensitive dental concerns.
  • Toothache: Lingering pain within a tooth is usually caused by infection. If your tooth is infected, you will need a root canal treatment. The longer treatment is delayed, the more likely the infection will spread to surrounding tissues and complicate your recovery.
  • Crown Has Fallen Out: Recementing a crown is a relatively simple procedure if it is done promptly after the crown has fallen out. However, within a matter of days, the surrounding teeth may shift and prevent the crown from fitting back into its proper position. In this case, an entirely new crown would have to be made.
  • Broken Restoration: Damaged or missing restorations should be replaced as soon as possible to protect your tooth from further damage or infection.
  • Trauma: If you have sustained a traumatic injury to your mouth or jaw, Dr. Vargas will examine your injury and provide immediate care to save the tooth and control any bleeding or swelling.
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Dental Anxiety

If you struggle with a fear of the dentist, you may be reluctant to schedule an appointment to address your dental emergency. Don’t let your anxieties prolong your pain. At Dental Loft, Dr. Vargas offers sedation dentistry. In most cases, you won’t even remember your visit.

Same-Day Appointments

Call 214-890-7909 today during normal business hours, and we’ll fit you in to see Dr. Vargas.