Why Is My New Crown Wobbly?

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I moved from Los Angeles to Atlanta and switched dentists in the middle of Invisalign treatment. I had a toothache, and my new dentist said I needed a new crown on my lower left first molar. She took my impression quickly. The crown does not fit well, and my tooth hurts when I chew. I don’t think this dentist knows how to adjust my bite, and I am concerned that this episode will prolong my Invisalign treatment. Is there something I can tell her to do to fix this wobbly crown? Thank you. Genesis from Atlanta


Thank you for your question. We understand your concerns and frustration. Dr. Vargas would need to examine your tooth and crown to determine why the crown is wobbly and how to resolve it. Skilled cosmetic dentists understand the risks of rushing impressions of your teeth and ensure your temporary crown fits well before having a lab craft the final one.

A dental crown should feel as comfortable and stable as a natural tooth. You should not notice that you have a crown.

Why Is Your Dental Crown Loose or Wobbly?

If your new dental crown is loose or wobbly, the cause may be a lack of tooth structure or faulty bonding.

Lack of Tooth Structure

When you have little tooth structure left for a crown or if a dentist aggressively prepares your tooth for the crown, even the strongest cement will not secure it. Aggressively tapering your tooth makes it impossible to securely bond your crown.

Get a second opinion from a dentist with orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry training to minimize the impact of a wobbly crown.

A dentist with advanced training understands that minimal preparation is healthy for your tooth and keeps a dental crown secure. If you lack enough tooth structure for a crown to stay in place a cosmetic dentist can use dental composite to build up the tooth structure.

A Weak Bond

Contamination of the dental cement during the bonding process can weaken the bonding. Or your dentist may have made a mistake in her technique.

Ask your dentist to check your crown. Schedule a second opinion with an advanced cosmetic dentist if she cannot resolve the issue. We recommend a dentist with orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry training if you need to switch dentists.